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Bachillerato Dual

An unique opportunity to obtain the American High School Diploma. Linguistic, personal and technologic inmersion.


More than an experience. More than an international project with idiomatic inmersion. More than active and cooperative learning. Erasmus plus is even much more.


We offer different exchange programs with our friends from (names of schools here)

Método AMCO

Full and enjoyable linguistic inmersion, projects focus on the development of the skills and ICTs (Information and Comunication Technology) in class.

Teatro en inglés

Our students have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy a play completely in English, in our grand theater.

Speeling Bee

We always participate in this famous contest children love. And the winners have the opportunity to represent our school in the national edition.


Inmersion, team building, creativity and friendship.

Summer School

Enjoy with your friends and our big family at Los Olivos in this amazing adventure full of activities, and a great inmersion opportunity here in Malaga.

Exámenes oficiales

We are a Cambrdige Examination Centre. Our students get ready for real English and have the opportunity to get Cambridge Certificates that are recognised around the world.